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some of you might remember this post from a couple of years ago. it was cross-posted to both my journals. i know necrobabe remembers the incident, as she was the girlfriend mentioned. what i am posting about now is the grasshopper. in all the years since, i have never seen one like it. i even began to doubt my memory of it. on my hike yesterday, about halfway up the canyon, i found one. it was very recently dead. we thought it might just be cold, but 8 hours later, it was still where we had left it. somehow i knew it was wrong to bring it out with me, but i took this inadequate picture. (oh, for vyoma's lens).

its face was ringed by orange and yellow. its hind legs ribbed with yellow. its wings were a lacy, irridescent green over blue and magenta. its belly was silver. this one was only about as big as my thumb, but definitely the same species as the one i saw at my gallery.

i love to attach meaning to happenings like this. it seems full of some kind of portent, some magic carried across the years. i don't know exactly what it is telling me, but i think it is good.
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