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Feeling a bit better today. Still grieving for Pita, but over the hysteria. I am so lucky to be alive and relatively unharmed. I mean, I rolled a truck at 65 MPH. I expected to be hurting really bad when I got up this morning, but I have felt worse after a hard day of waterskiing. So many reminders of that beautiful little dog, though. Do I go adopt another one right away? Do I adopt another one at all? Do I continue with my vacation and drive to Taos today? I kind of owe it to my friend Dino D'Taos, who is a great artist with no money but an SSI check. I promised to help him get transportation. My truck was full of art supplies for him. He calls me his "Theo". He has no phone, so I can't call. I am going out to get my personal truck re-insured today (I was driving my work truck), so I guess I'll decide after that.
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