i (i) wrote,

i forgot to mention that as i was drooling over everyone's icecream last night, we were watching chocolat. reminiscent of babettes feast, and almost as good.

i am in that state of emotional overflowing that often accompanies a new love. the weird thing is, the love causing it is more than a decade old. none of the fear that it may not be reciprocated is there, but it still has the tension of an over-full glass of water, bulging over the rim, ready for the slightest motion to make it spill.

the weekend with muse has been wonderful, from the concert to sedona and im sure on into the baby shower today. half of me has been preoccupied with another for the whole time, though. i would feel guilty, but how can i?

living in the moment, heart pounding. no fear, no hopes, no expectations, many dreams.

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