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buddy sez:

WOOF! we went to the park today, and since there were no other dogs there, he let me run around with no leash! i like that because i can run as fast as i want and my ears flop around and stuff. there was this girl there kicking a ball across the field, so i pooped right where she was going to run. she didn't step in it though, and then she helped dave find it so he could scoop it up in one of those bag things he carries. oh well. maybe next time. i could tell dave thought she was cute, but she was closer to my age than his! then there was this animal with round black feet running around the field and buzzing really loudly. i chased it as fast as i could but couldn't catch it even though i'm bigger than it is. everybody laughed at me so i ignored it from then on. all in all, a good walk. WOOF!

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