i (i) wrote,

Litany (Life Goes On)

I see life like a mirror
And I see life so much clearer

We move so quickly
Who knows where the time goes
Where does this road lead?
No one knows, no one knows

Listen to the single heart beating
Rhythm for an ever-changing song

I see life with surprise
And I see life, oh, in your eyes

Take all your troubles
Put them in a common file
Light a fire with reason
Watch it rise, watch it rise

Listen to the single voice singing
Lifted in an ever-growing song

I see life without anger

I see life all together
I see life go on forever

Life goes on forever
Life goes on

Little Birds

Rivers run uphill on the dark side of the moon
Mayflies never fly in the month of June
Mirrors are the entrance to another world
And God watches us through the eyes of little birds

Never cross your eyes because they will get stuck
Always cross your fingers to guarantee good luck
Children should be seen and never say a word
And God watches us through the eyes of little birds

Always watching, always watching...

Don't look in the closet or underneath the bed
Something may be waiting there, no matter what they said
Don't go in the basement, or in the empty room
Strange things are happening that don't concern you

Always watching, always watching...

Kittens have nine lives, but you have only one
You will go blind staring at the sun
Everything is coming true, everything you've heard
And God watches us through the eyes of little birds

Things Fall Apart

When you stray from the beaten path,
confusion may be your epitaph
If you don't look before you cross
something will show you who is boss

We are not alone in the world we've built for us
We are not at home in this world we've built for us
Things are going wrong in this world we've built for us

Stuff is falling down from the sky,
knocking out people left and right
Sparks are flying right off the wheel,
in this nightmare of tempered steel

(Take cover) When things fall apart
(Take cover) When it's gone too far
(Duck and cover) Things are going wrong
(It's over) So long
Everywhere it seems something's watching me

If you decide to cross the boulevard
And eighteen wheels catches you off guard
Imagine as you're flying though the air
A peaceful happy ending there

Winds of Change

Mountains stand before the sun
Fall when raging waters run
When the winds of change have begun

Once the waves broke on this shore
Wash the beach that is no more
Before the winds of change brought war

Father sees in his son's eyes
All the dreams he was denied
Soon the winds of change blow by

Which way the wind may blow today
Won't be the same tomorrow
Only one eye shows on Jack's face
Winds of change blow

Broken crowns and buried shrines
Misty lands erased by time
Remains the winds of change left behind

Warden locks the prison doors
Doesn't know, he can't ignore
What the winds of change have in store

Soldier sees the enemy,
both will question what will be
Soon the winds will set them free

Which way the wind may blow today
Won't be the same tomorrow
Only one eye shows on Jack's face
Winds of change blow

Children in a living tomb
Staring silent at the moon
Know the winds of change are coming soon

from their album entitled "2x4"

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