i (i) wrote,

Dear Senator McCain,

Although I am a lifelong Democrat, I supported you in the 2000 presidential primary, and I have voted for you twice for senator. This is because I respect your integrity and independence. I am writing you to ask you to seriously consider your position on war against Iraq. America does not make war pre-emptively. We make war when we or our allies or interests are attacked. Saddam has not attacked us or our interests since we demolished his country in the first Gulf war. Osama Bin Laden and his organization, however, have attacked us over and over. Our military and financial resources should be focused on bringing the perpetrators of 9-11 to justice, not on a testosterone driven trampling of an already beaten foe who may someday be stupid enough to attack one of his neighbors again, but who is not so foolish as to attack us.

I hope this actually makes it to your desk and doesn’t simply become a checkmark on the “against” column of a list.

David Moyer

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