i (i) wrote,

update on my solar power saga:

in order to qualify for a rebate from tucson electric ($2000 per kilowatt), i must produce at least 1 kilowatt adjusted for time, date, temperature, wind speed, and humidity. even with panels rated at 1680 watts, i am not producing enough right now. according to tucson electric, it is because of the inverter that the solar store sold me, so they (tucson electric) are replacing it for free. i should expect to produce 70% of my rated power, or 1246 watts. therefore, as soon as the replacement is in i can hope for about $2500. if i am lucky, i'll get it one year after the original install was done. if you live in tucson, don't use the solar store for anything. do it yourself. the people are nice there, and bartered with me for some of my equipment, but they lied to me repeatedly and only followed through with their promises after months of phone calls and emails.

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