i (i) wrote,

a literal belief in the god of the bible is the denial of the infinite nature of the universe. "the alpha and the omega". the beginning and the end. it puts a frame around reality, letting you avoid concepts bigger than your mind is able to grasp.

if you accept the infinite nature of reality, then you accept that everything is not only possible, everything actually exists. there must be a god, and there must be more like her. there must also be beings larger and more powerful.

gods were originally conceived and anthropomorphized to explain any number of things which we didn't understand, from the seasons to the stars. as we have come to understand more and more about ourselves and our universe, god has been relegated to one last task, easing the fear of death. desperate to think that we are not finite in this infinite universe, we grasp at the belief in an afterlife or reincarnation.

of course anything is possible, and everything is real.

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