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21 March 2003


True North shared some good news (can't we all use some right about
now?) regarding the announcement of the first two of Bruce's
tourdates for this spring:

May 18 Perth ON P.D.C.I. Theatre
May 19 Ottawa ON Tulip Festival

The release date of You've Never Seen Everything has been shifted
slightly, to June 10th. We'll let you know any news as we get it.

I found myself in a reflective mood tonight, and not having much to
share with you I decided to dig into our archives and found this song
from 1971, It's Going Down Slow. I think it's worth reading through,
especially the final stanza. I'll let the song speak for itself.
Thank you, Bruce.

It's Going Down Slow
originally from Sunwheel Dance, 1971

Go tell the sergeant-major
To get that thing repaired
They're losing their pawns in Asia
There's slaughter in every square
Oh --
It's going down slow
It's going down slow

Go get the fire department
To bring that hose along
And them and the schoolboy bandits
Can water each other's lawn
Oh --
It's going down slow
It's going down slow

Everybody seems to be leaving
Better say your travelling prayers
It don't matter how you get it
It's where do you go from there
Oh --
It's going down slow
It's going down slow
It's going down slow
It's going down slow

God, damn the hands of glory
That hold the bloody firebrand high
Close the book and end the story
Of how so many men have died
Let the world retain in memory
That mighty tongues tell mighty lies
And if mankind must have an enemy
Let it be his warlike pride
Let it be his warlike pride

Holding out for peace,
Suzanne Myers
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