i (i) wrote,

as many of you know, i have not owned a motor vehicle for almost a year now. i bicycle, walk, or ride with someone else everywhere i go. i certainly don't need a vehicle, but i have come to the conclusion that i want one for certain things. i want to be able to take buddy hiking every week. i want to be able to visit friends around the state occasionally. i want to be able to make road trips with my paintings soliciting galleries.


it is a four cylinder, five speed '87 toyota with 195,000 miles on it. for a toyota that means at least 100,000 left on the engine (and i can get a new motor if i need it for less than $1000). the rest of the truck is sound. it has a new timing chain and clutch. the same person has owned it since it was new and has meticulous records.

i paid $2000

oh, and nicole is a certified toyota mechanic. :)

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