i (i) wrote,

calling all geeks part two

since so many people responded to the previous email, i'll expand here.

1 - i already had high speed service, so this is not an issue of changing from dialup.

2 - cox told me i had to change the SMTP server, probably for the reasons someone mentioned, spammers etc.

3 - that still didn't work, instead of a connection timeout message, i now get a connection refused message for both outgoing and incoming mail. in other words, i can't receive it either now.

4 - i tried changing the SMTP server back and i still get the connection refused.

5 - all the error messages, even when i was using their SMTP server, said the client was trying to contact farbelism.com.

6 - cox doesn't support eudora or outlook, only outlook express, so they refuse to help me. ( i don't have or want to have outlook express)

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