i (i) wrote,

calling all geeks part three

ok, here's what the problem was, as far as i can tell.

when nicole installed cox's hardware she got an error saying it couldn't ping my IP. she called cox and they ran around in circles with cox telling her it was the cable or the modem and nicole reminding them that her computer was working just fine with the same equipment. eventually, she just said fuck it and turned on internet explorer. we both assumed that the cox programs hadn't installed. when i finally got around to trying to fix my email problem with outgoing messages, i found the cox programs on my add-remove programs list. assuming that it was corrupted by the partial install and thus the source of my problem, i uninstalled it. that didn't work, so i called cox, and then i "called" you all. this morning we did a system restore back to the day nicole installed the software. IMHO the system restore function of windows XP is the best thing to ever happen to windows. anyway, we thought we were going back to before she had installed, but when i looked, the cox program was there. just on a hunch, i went into eudora and simply changed the smtp server, nothing else. email works two way now! thanks for all the help and suggestions.

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