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Nicole sent this to every senator.

"It is becoming increasingly apparent that the goal set forth by President Bush, the Bush Administration, and the Pentagon with regards to September 11 is not going to be met anytime soon, if at all. In fact, this goal slips further away every day. It is my sincerest hope that you will assert the need to re-focus, and get back on the path to meet this goal that is vital to the safety and security of all in our great nation, as well as those abroad.

The goal was to identify and capture those responsible in the planning and execution of this tragedy and bring them to justice. Some of the suspects identified and captured are now being, and have been, set free due to refusal of the US Government to meet the needs of those prosecuting, and due to information being withheld by the US Government. This is not cohesive in bringing to justice those responsible for the thousands that died in the terrorist attacks on our country, it is quite obviously the exact opposite. The focus has diverted, as everyone knows, from Usama bin Laden to Saddam Hussein, neither of whom have been captured, and attacking Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11. I know that we have the capability to have captured both of them long ago, America as a whole knows this, as does the rest of the world. Meanwhile, we left the countries alone that seemed to have the most terrorists (Iraq had none), and continued to remain in Iraq at the expense of countless Iraqi innocents, government officials and troops from various countries, reporters, those giving humanitarian aid, and of US soldiers. That baffles me, and it ought to baffle you. It holds not one ounce of logic. The result is that President Bush, his administration, the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, DOD, the House, the Senate, and the whole of the military looks foolish, inept, weak, and dishonest. We look like greedy bullies. Tyrants. We are much better than that, and it is most certainly not in our nation's interest to look like a tyrannical country of fools. We have lost respect from almost every country on the face of this planet - there is no doubt in that. It sends the message very loudly and very clearly that we tolerate, and even welcome terrorist attacks on our country and our soldiers abroad. That each time terrorists attack, we will look elsewhere to place the blame so that they are free to organize and increase their numbers. Surely the President cares more about the people he hopes will keep him in office than this. The severely damaged relations with France, Germany, Russia, Canada, Iraq, Iran, etc., will have terrible repercussions that will far surpass George Bush's presidency. The sooner we set to repair these relations, the better for all. It has never been in this country's best interest to not work with the rest of the world, and to continue actions that have been vehemently opposed by other nations. Disregarding the requests of our [now former] allies is foolish. Americans know what is happening, and they know that what this country is doing is wrong. They know how far astray the Bush Administration has gone. It is in the headlines of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times, the San Francisco Times, USA Today, and every other newspaper in the country. It is on CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS. It is in Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweek, and Vanity Fair. Even more damning information is available on the internet. The negative actions that this government has been taking are out in the open for all the world to see. Despite this, the government is categorically denying any wrongdoing. That is beyond foolish, and those of you who are in denial of all this wrongdoing insult the intelligence of the people who put you into office.

If you have any respect for the American people and the rest of the world, and if you truly care about our nation, it's dignity, and protecting our posterity, you will do the job we elected you to do, be the voice of the people, and get back on track.

Capture and prosecute Usama, Saddam, those in custody, and those that were convicted and released.

Apologize to the UN and the rest of the world profusely for acting unilaterally, and against their wishes.

Request their aid in restoring Iraq, get our reserves and our troops out of there, leaving only those requested by the UN. That is the least we can do after slapping them in the face.

Let the Iraqi people elect their own officials, write their own constitution, as well as decide who they want to contract to rebuild their country.

Use that $87 billion that we agreed to provide you with to get medications, school books, food, clean water, and create sanitary hospital environments.

I don't know where all that money went, but when kids don't have schoolbooks or antibiotics, schools don't have light bulbs or heat, and our own soldiers have to pay to fly home for the holidays, that money is going somewhere it doesn't belong.

I hope you seriously consider and act on what I have written, as your jobs and respect are inevitably on the line, as well as the safety and dignity of our country. "

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