i (i) wrote,

Michael Moore endorses Clark.

This comes as a bit of a surprise and, at first, disappointment. MM does have some valid and convincing points though.

Coming on the heels of the endorsement of Dean by one of my two personal favorites (Moseley Braun), this throws me into uncertainty.

There have also been rumors of behind-the-scenes fundraising for Clark by Clinton.

I'm going to see the other of my two personal favorites (Kucinich) speak today.

I wish I could know the running mate of choice for each candidate before voting in the primary.

Clark-Braun? Could win, I think.

Dean-Clark? Also a good pairing.

Dean-Kerry? Dean-Edwards? I don't know.

I doubt Dean is on anyone's short list for VP, and I think Lieberman is thankfully dangling from the fringes of the Democratic party.

I think it likely at this point that either Dean or Clark will get the nod, although things could naturally change.

What VP selection do you think will cement the win for either of them?

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