i (i) wrote,

all the freaky people make the beauty of the world.

thursday night, we saw david bowie in phoenix. we were in the front of the upper balcony, but it was a relatively small theater, so we could see everything. for a guy who is around 60, he rocked the place pretty effectively. more than half of the show was from classic albums, and only some of those were the hits. all in all a great show. his new cd sounds good from the three tracks he played.

friday night, however, was unbelievable. michael franti and spearhead opening for ziggy marley. (it should have been the other way around, IMO) what a powerful performance. we were about 10 feet from the stage in a general admission show. michael is such a good soul. his message grabs your heart and embraces it. his music grabs your body and forces it to move. nicole and i shared a hug with him after the show and said thank you. (he climbed down into the audience when he finished his set) we were so emotionally drained from his performance that we left after a few of ziggy's songs. i'd like to see ziggy again someday, but i will see michael.

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