i (i) wrote,

i know i haven't been posting here much recently, but that doesn't mean i have been inactive on livejournal. i read my friends list fairly regularly, and comment occasionally, and i do a bit of community posting as well. i don't cross-post much though, so you might want to visit the following communities.

i maintain sky_light, sky_scapes, and anthropomorph.

i sporadically post in ljlunaticfringe, debate (under a pseudonym, good luck guessing who), photocontest, onemoreword, reflecting_pool, futurecity, and tucson (rarely).

i'm working on the house, but haven't done enough to post yet, and i'm working on another painting using glazes. i'll get back to posting evolutions on the next piece.

in other news, i quit my job, so i'm temporarily unemployed. i'm giving myself a month or so to find something i really like before i just go for what i can get. i'm also putting together portfolios to take to local galleries, something i've put off for years. wish me luck on both counts.

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