i (i) wrote,

brindle sez:

since dave doesn't know how to spell the sound chewbacca the wookie makes in star wars, (which i make whenever i'm playing with buddy), i guess i'll just say, WOOF! i've been living with dave and nicole and buddy for... it seems like years to me, but to you slow-livers it's probably only been months. dave took both of us out for a walk at the same time today. he is so funny. he keeps getting the string thingies that attach us to him all tangled up. he was switching hands and spinning around like no tomorrow! i had to keep weaving back and forth under buddy's string thing just to keep track! anyways, it was fun, except when dave let go of my string thingie holder and it started chasing me, bouncing all over the place. fortunately i fooled it by lying down in the clover until dave got hold of it. next time i'm going to bite it! WOOF!

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