i (i) wrote,

I was talking to a lefty friend yesterday and he started going off on people who plaster the American flag all over their vehicles since 9-11. This was my response to him.

We are all Americans. I had a red, white, and blue ribbon on my antenna after 9-11. Don't let the right wing own the flag. Dissent is patriotic. If you put a bumper sticker on your car that says "Impeach Bush", flank it with two American flags. Every anti-war demonstration should be filled with American flags. The flag symbolizes what America is supposed to be, not Bush & Co's bastardization of it. Take back the flag. Display it proudly. Don't let them co-opt it. Own it. Flaunt your patriotism as you fight the government. Flying the flag as you protest is much more powerful than burning it.

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