i (i) wrote,

waiting for the opening. 7.5 hours left. 6.5 til i go to the gallery. i am ridiculously wound up. this is the first full commercial gallery show i've had since 1991. i've done some group stuff where i had to interact with potential clients, but not since the late 90's. as much as i love talking about my work and getting feedback, i absolutely hate and dread the sales part of it. typical starving artist, i guess. all the successful ones are good at it. one thing that i hope will help me is that i don't need to sell anything at this show. i have 19 paintings hanging in a sort of retrospective representing work from 1990 to this month. it looks really good, and the sculptures by hazel colditz are brilliant. they range from simple, elegant stone and steel pieces, which are scattered around the main gallery where my work is, to quixotically beautiful metal and neon wall hangings, which light the adjoining room. i think we compliment each other nicely.

anyway, i hope some lj person or other will show up...
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