i (i) wrote,

i'm never happy to hear that someone has died, including reagan. the saccharine eulogies bug me though. this is a man who ratted on his friends in hollywood before the mccarthy hearings in order to save his own ass. this is a man who was a union leader, a democrat, and then when it was politically expedient, a republican. this is a man who nearly bankrupted our country and brought us to the brink of global annihillation to bring down an empire that was just a little bit more evil than our own. this is a man who sold unmilled lumber from old growth forests in the pacific northwest to the japanese at an 80% loss and then collected 2 million dollars from them for a 15 minute speech as soon as he left office. this is the man who presided over the destruction of several democratically elected governments in central and south america because they favored the people over US corporate interests. need i go on?

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