i (i) wrote,

before leaving for the solar music festival in taos, i took all the studio work of peter gabriel, including soundtracks, and put it on one wma cd. when i got into the truck, i slid it in and hit random. this song came up:

I Grieve

It was only one hour ago
It was all so different then
There’s nothing yet has really sunk in
Looks like it always did
This flesh and bone
It’s just the way that you would tied in
Now there’s no-one home

I grieve for you
You leave me
‘so hard to move on
Still loving what’s gone
They say life carries on
Carries on and on and on and on

The news that truly shocks is the empty empty page
While the final rattle rocks it’s empty empty cage
And I can’t handle this

I grieve for you
You leave me
Let it out and move on
Missing what’s gone
They say life carries on
They say life carries on and on and on

Life carries on
In the people I meet
In everyone that’s out on the street
In all the dogs and cats
In the flies and rats
In the rot and the rust
In the ashes and the dust
Life carries on and on and on and on
Life carries on and on and on

It’s just the car that we ride in
A home we reside in
The face that we hide in
The way we are tied in
And life carries on and on and on and on
Life carries on and on and on

Did I dream this belief?
Or did I believe this dream?
Now I can find relief
I grieve

how perfectly it mirrored my mood and inner struggle.

the trip up was uneventful. i stopped the first night in show low, arizona, and then went all the rest of the way the following morning.

all the campgrounds were full, so i ended up spending more than i had hoped by staying in a motel. no biggie, i watched hbo.

the music was good. i felt odd, though. it's almost as if i have forgotten how to be alone. a couple of years ago, i would have been perfectly comfortable in this scene, wandering about, striking up conversations, absorbing the atmosphere. this weekend, however, i felt lonely, removed from the people, and always a little uncomfortable.

i found my friend dino (who i visited last time i was in taos) in good health and happy, which was wonderful. it's about time he found some peace. i ended up missing quite a bit of the music in order to spend time with him. i took pictures of all of his work, which i will put up on a page soon.

the main reason i went was to see bruce cockburn play, and he didn't disappoint. it was a short but powerful performance, just him and his three guitars. i took a few pics. you can see three of them over at stealing_fire.

on the way back, i stopped at the exit to meteor crater, which i still haven't visited, and took some pictures at an old ruin there. i posted them in rural_ruin and deadmachinery.

then i stopped in for a brief visit with the always beautiful muse at arcosanti. hopefully we will get her down here to slam some poetry into the ears of tucson soon.

got back to find an invitation to kevin and cindy's wedding celebration. i'd love to make it, guys, and if i can i will, but it will be a last minute thing, so rsvp isn't an option. fingers crossed.

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