i (i) wrote,

staying in san jose today. when i first arrived, i told the taxi driver where i wanted to stay. "do you have a reservation?" no. "oh, they're always booked. i know a good place." red flag, big time, but i was tired and i went along. the place he took me to wasn´t too bad, but it was a lot farther from the center of town and more expensive. i paid for two nights anyway, figuring i would have a chance to check out other options. today i did, and ended up exactly where i had planned on staying, with a fourth floor room overlooking the central avenue, right next to restaurants and shops, and $9 a night less. so far today i have walked all the way across san jose to their largest park and the museum of contemporary costa rican art (el museo del arte conteporaneo). i took pictures of some great sculptures in the park and snuck one of a sculpture in the museum, although it wasn´t allowed. i wish i could have taken pictures of some of the paintings, especially one of a costa rican family sitting next to ronald mcdonald. in the painting, they were all developing clown faces to match his. you get the point, i´m sure. when i leave here, i am heading to the museo del oro, which is supposed to be spectacular. tomorrow morning i´m heading for tortuguero national park for two days and a night. i'll tour a banana plantation, take another boat tour of the jungle, and a nighttime excursion to watch sea turtles come up out of the sea and lay their eggs. then i´ll spend some time on the beach and come back here. i´ll post again when i get back.

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