i (i) wrote,

ok, another post, since it's pouring rain, and i have discovered that my money pouch that i hang around my neck isn't waterproof. (i did go out in it for a bit, and sat under a thick tree until it started dripping almost as fast as the sky) i must pick up some ziplocks for my traveller's checks and wallet. anyway, i visited the precolumbian gold museum in the central square today. spectacular. upstairs from that was an exhibit of paintings by a man who calls himself felo. i tried to find some images online, but to no avail. i really liked his work. it was quite varied, from expressionist abstracts to paintings of costa rican "shanty towns" with laundry strung between the houses. the latter were particularly interesting in that, despite obvious subject matter, they were quite abstract. the progression from his earlier work to these was clear. it's still pouring, and i really want to go out in it, but i need my traveller's checks, not a sodden mass of pulp.
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