i (i) wrote,

it's cahuita, not cahuite, dummy!

anyway, arrived yesterday afternoon with a dutch guy i met on the bus, and then ran into a schoolteacher from new jersey who was also at tortuguero. this town is completely different from anything i've seen so far. very carribean in attitude and flavor (food too). lots of reggae music playing, and someone offered to sell me some pot as soon as i got here. (no thanks). muy tranquilo. i'm going to stay here the rest of my trip. today we all went snorkelling off a reef that is allegedly connected to the famous belize reefs. wonderful. many, many fish, perfect water, and a 6 foot nurse shark! then we hiked back through the jungle sans guide, and were within 3-4 ft of several capuchin monkeys. got a couple of great shots for you guys. there is a sloth who lives in a tree right in front of the cabinas where we are all staying, less than ten feet off the ground, so i got a good pic of her as well. i wanted to pet her, but she move overnight. tomorrow i'm going to spend on the beaches (one black sand, one white) and do some hiking through the jungle. tuesday i will be whitewater rafting, the last big adventure of the trip (except possibly customs). then one day of museums and shopping in san jose and home on thursday. i have a six hour layover in houston. yuk!

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