i (i) wrote,

35 class 3-4 rapids over 30 kilometers. rio pacuare was the perfect climax to the trip. alternately floating and paddling like mad through primary growth forests and past beautiful waterfalls, broken only by a sumptuous lunch on a beach in the heart of it all. it was exhilarating, inspiring, and exhausting. now i am ready to come home. today i have visited the museo de jade, an immense collection of artifacts from the region that also featured spectacular 11th floor views of san jose. an added attraction was a neat, state of the art elevator. you punch in the floor you want, instead of just up or down, and then the elevator arrives already programmed to stop there. i also stoppedat costa rica's first photography museum, small, but with an impressive collection. now lunch and then maybe some shopping. tomorrow i get up painfully early to go to the airport.


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