i (i) wrote,

random thoughts,memories, and observations that may not have made it into earlier posts

walking in san jose reminded me of new york. everyone faster than everyone else, except the tourists. walking against the light when there is an opening. street vendors and newsstands everywhere.

the gentle, warm rain that fell during the raft trip.

muchas ticas muy bonitas. (en costa rica, los caballeros y damas se llaman ticos y ticas)

one of the capuchin monkeys in the group i saw in cahuita was somehow diseased, with scabs on its mouth. sad and a bit gruesome.

the extreme poverty of cahuita and other parts of costa rica virtually unmarred by desperation. people seemed content and happy except to a small degree in san jose. there was none of the frenetic rush to sell you something, anything that i have seen so often in mexico.

the evidence of the former wealth of the country in its architecture.

vultures are the pigeons of cahuita, bouncing ungainly around from scrap to scrap.

crabs everywhere on the beaches,scurrying to their holes at the slightest movement.

advertisements for the upcoming election on nearly every telephone pole.

internet services everywhere, no matter how rural.

when it rains in san jose, everyone crowds under the overhangs on each side of the street and watches until it stops, except the occasional turisto loco such as myself.

the burger king internacionale, which is a whopper with a tostada between the meat and the lettuce. no i didn't.

almost everyone who asked me for money on the street was american.

it is considered rude in costa rica to bring the check without being asked. i just found this out today.
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