i (i) wrote,


the excited squeals of children feeding pigeons in the park. thousands of the birds carpet the ground every lunch hour, and vendors sell popcorn to feed them. they are even more fearless than our own, landing on arms, heads, and hands to get their share.

a jade and turquoise colored cicada with heiroglyphic swirls on its head joining the deafening chorus of flirtation along the pacuare river.

brief friendships with people from canada, holland, sweden, the US of course, and england, as well as the many articulate and humorous guides who made me feel a bit less lost in an alien land.

sleeping under a mosquito net for the first time.

learning to type on a keyboard designed for english, but programmed for spanish. (nothing is where you expect)

the rest, i think, will be in the photos when i get back. i´m ready for dry air again, as well as the beautiful woman who will be meeting me at the airport.

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