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costa rica pics part 2

bananas or plantains? you tell me. (it is possible to tell)

iguanas. the second one is older. you can tell by his color.

6' crocodile

tiger heron. his neck is not fully extended. it reaches about two feet when it is.

the world's smallest bats

two beautiful and poisonous frogs. i never saw these in the wild. these two were in an enclosure for tourists. the red one is really tiny.

for the awww crowd.

jesus christ lizard. that's what they call it because it can allegedly run across water. this is the only pic i got. it's a male. i saw some females, which are bright green, but i couldn't get a good image.

rhinocerous beetle.

the only halfway decent pic i got of a spider monkey. they stayed pretty high up.

a ningha(sp) drying its wings. similar to a cormorant, but it doesn't produce oil in its feathers, so it has to dry its wings in the air.

a caiman (similar to an alligator)

a sloth sleeping 10 feet off the ground outside my cahuita room. i had another of one with her baby, but somehow i lost it :(

vultures. the pigeons of cahuita.

probably the best shot i got. a white faced capuchin from 6 feet away. several of them crossed the path right in front of us and played while we watched.

hermit crab

a costa rican bird feeder with a flycatcher eyeing me.

an unusual brown vulture. none of the ticos i showed this pic to had ever seen one.

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