i (i) wrote,

527 organizations

I have no problem with any of these groups. Free speech is free speech. It will find its way past any regulation. Any interested voter can access critical evaluations of all of these ads. Anyone who is swayed by a dishonest or misleading ad simply isn't paying attention. this person isn't going to make an informed choice anyway. There is a very good reason why Democrats have raised far more money than Republicans for these groups. Their base is stronger and more energized. There is also a very good reason why the SBVFT ads have been so much more successful (at least in gaining attention) than their Democratic equivalent. They are more entertaining. 527's entertain like Madonna did at the beginning of her career, by pushing the envelope of acceptability and legality. That doesn't mean that all the attention will translate into votes for Bush, however. Undecided voters fall into one of two categories, those who don't care enough to make a decision and probably won't vote anyway, and those who are honestly trying to make up their minds. The latter group is more likely to take the time to investigate the accuracy of the ads and less likely to cast a knee-jerk vote. After all, if they were reflexive voters, they would have decided all ready.
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