i (i) wrote,

Dear Senator McCain,

I recently recieved a contribution request from your campaign in my mail. I support your re-election and I intend to vote for you in November. I think the vast majority of Arizona voters feel the same way. Therefore, I can only assume that any money I send will be used to further your support of the Bush campaign for re-election, which I can not condone. I respect the manner in which you have gone about it, as a gentleman, refuting and disdaining the smear campaigns which are all too reminiscent of those levelled against you in 2000, but you are still campaigning for an administration which I feel has already severely damaged our country and will, in an unfettered second term, perhaps fatally wound us. You may be campaigning for Bush out of party loyalty, but I submit that he himself has been disloyal to the principles of the Republican party, the people who voted for him, and the founders of this republic. He has attacked the Bill of Rights, consumer and environmental protections, and the American worker. He has fostered hate and disrespect for us all around the world, making us a target for millions who previously just wanted to live here. He has turned Al Quaeda from a fringe group with frightening resources into a huge international movement with even more frightening resources. This man is bad for our country, he is bad for the world, and I can not financially support him through you.

Thank you for your integrity,

David Moyer

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