i (i) wrote,

another piece i wrote for edge

Why Should My Art Say Anything?

every human being has a duty to care about and care for the earth. this does not mean, however, that when i make a work of art i have to preach social change. art definitely has its place in socio-political activism, but that is not its only function.
the world needs to have beauty with no strings attached. i am, and for the better part of my life have been, an activist for the earth and for humanity. i do not dedicate my whole life to it, but i am involved, i do care. my point is that the world needs more than revolutionaries, more than activists. we need to do more than decry what is wrong with the world, we must also nurture and support what good there is. art must be a mirror to the world, but it must also be a window to possibility and a reminder of beauty. it must make us laugh as well as make us cry. it must force us to see and confront reality, but, and this is equally important, it must provide escape from it. art has many functions, all of them vital. to discount the relevance and validity of one form of art is to demean and weaken all art.

dm 89
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