i (i) wrote,

stop complaining and vote

there is nothing wrong with the electoral college. there is nothing wrong with the two party system. our method of governance was designed brilliantly.

but we must participate

if everyone who is registered had voted last time, gore would be president and the house and senate would be democratic.

if every democrat had voted in the primary, the democratic platform would be very different, and we would probably have a different candidate.

if a third party can actually galvanize enough people to first take local offices, then state offices, and finally become a major player nationally, we will still gravitate towards a two party system as two of the three form an alliance to compete against the third.

the two parties are designed so that if we all vote, we can tell them how to campaign and what to do when they get in office. if you are to the left of the democratic platform and you believe there are millions like you (as i am and do), you could have changed the platform by voting en masse for kucinich (as i did). he may not have won, but a large enough constituency would have given his positions more weight.

this is how it works. this is how it is supposed to work. all it takes is getting off your apathetic asses and participating.

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