i (i) wrote,

remember when hitting random was fun?

i forget who posted this link a while back, but i've found myself going back a lot. it's where i found the animated electoral map, for example.

it is a site that shows the latest 250 images posted on livejournal, with a link to the post each comes from. it's almost what randomming used to be like.

WARNING! there are a few people out there posting disgusting images from rotten.com, and you will find nudity occasionally, so probably not a work-safe page, and be prepared to be shocked occasionally.

for the most part, though, it's a very interesting window on live journal.

WARNING #2 if you make a friends only post with an image in it, the image will show up here. i know this because i clicked on the link behind one of the images and got the "you are not authorized..." page.*

anyway, here it is:

*Edit: This may not be an issue. See comments.

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