i (i) wrote,

i was on my lunch break when Kerry gave his concession speech. i sat in my car and listened to the whole thing, cheering a little and crying a little. regardless of what lynn cheney might think, he is a good man.

i also heard most of bush's speech. i strongly urge you all to listen to both of them or at least read the transcripts.

i don't think bush's second term is a foregone conclusion. his cabinet is likely to change dramatically, both powell and rice are likely to leave, and rumsfeld might pay the piper for his screwups as well. another thing to consider is that every thing he has done for the last four years has been done with one eye on this election. he no longer has to cotton to the whims of the religious right or anyone else. that's not to say that he won't, just that he doesn't have to. not only does he not have to worry about the next election, but he doesn't have to worry about cheney either. he isn't running. so...

either we are completely fucked, and bush is going to make a hard right turn with full support from both houses of congress, or...

he mellows and, while not doing what we would all like, takes a more moderate course.

we'll know very soon.

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