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...coming to a
monitor near you.

The Mat Bevel Company is entering into a new phase of its existence
as a downtown Tucson venue for visionary art.  In the past the MBC’s
institute location has hosted Mat Bevel’s Surrealistic Pop Science Theater,
Zeitgeist Jazz at the Institute, Day of the Dead parade celebrations, School
tours and workshops, and hundreds of eclectic art events.

The next phase is the world wide phase.  The Mat Bevel Institute will become production facilities for bevelvision.com,
a webcast presentation of Mat Bevel’s unique philosophical format.  
Art as healer thru faith in the unknown.  Mat Bevel is a role model for courageous intuition.

In full swing the M.B.I. will house bevelvision production studios, the M.B.I. museum Of Moving Objects, the school of intuition, the Bevel Café (a community venue that presents local and international acts) all of which appear
on bevelvision.com - high art for the whole family - coming to a monitor near you.

What you can do.

To help finance the initial taping of all fifty Mat Bevel Characters, the Mat Bevel Institute presents METAMORPHOSIS, a limited edition kinetic butterfly hand made by the artist.

Each sculpture is uniquely painted and brings a healing energy to its vicinity.  These
collectors items sell for $800.  This is a one time opportunity to own an original Bevel.

For more information go to
or call the
Mat Bevel Institute at 520-622-0192.


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