i (i) wrote,

one of my neighbors came to my door. i don't know him except by sight, he lives a half a block away. he prefaced everything with "you're going to think i'm crazy. i'm going to ask you a huge favor." he told me a story about how his kid was at the babysitter's and his wife was out of town and he needed to get medicine for the kid to the tune of $20. he also needed a ride to get it. normally i would just have said i didn't have any money, but it's christmas... i said ok and we got in the truck. he directed me to a seedy apartment building in a seedier neighborhood and then asked for the money saying he was going to "drop it off with the babysitter". i said "i'd rather just go get it" "but she's going to take care of it" "i'd rather go get it". "ok" with a resigned look "but we have to go by my house first". "ok" i took him to his house, he got out, went to the door, and then came back "never mind, i'll just ask my neighbor. sorry to bother you."

i hope he doesn't find a way to buy his crack or meth or whatever. maybe a day off the stuff will do him good.

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