i (i) wrote,

last year i resolved not to make new years resolutions any more. so far i've kept my resolution.

i had a really good talk with R last night, she is a truly awesome woman. she told me a lot about herself and brought me to some realizations about myself. we have the makings of a deep, lasting friendship. more than that isn't in the cards right now, but that isn't important.

prior to that, she, poetpaladin, dolphin_mama and i saw a band called tesoro at club congress. they are a very talented group of young tucsonans who mix flamenco, rock, and jazz quite skillfully. i'm sure you will hear of them soon. then we all went and played pool at maloneys. i forgot my cue, but played ok anyway. dolphin_mama is a bit of a shark, but fortunately was buzzed enough that she and R didn't beat poetpaladin and i as often as they should have :) pics later.

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