i (i) wrote,


time will tell.

i trust brad, even though i don't know him, but he is no longer in control.

this was inevitable, and it seems like brad took some pains to make sure he found someone he was comfortable with and someone who understands what makes lj the kind of forum it is.

i think it is more likely that sixapart's other platforms will become more like lj than the other way around. lj is better, after all :)

i doubt we will see popup ads any time soon, and if we do, it will be on the free journals, and i have a damn good popup stopper.

somebody, somewhere is developing a tool to migrate my entire journal to another site if i ever want to.

brad deserves all the success and monetary reward he is getting out of this deal. he has enriched all of our lives.

after reading both his and sixapart's posts on the matter, i feel much more (if not completely) comfortable with the merger.

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