i (i) wrote,

first line of every month in 2004

january - house parts 15-21

februauy - i haven't posted any sunrise images in a while, so here, and here.

march - from thecommongood.org

april - one very happy dog

may - waiting for the opening.

june - i want to be over her.

july - you might like my latest photocontest entry

august - anyway, arrived yesterday afternoon with a dutch guy i met on the bus, and then ran into a schoolteacher from new jersey who was also at tortuguero.

september - my truck from 500' up:

october - Bush - We've climbed the mighty mountain.

november - I think the mistake that Bush has made which will lose this election for him is that he didn't allow anyone who isn't already voting for him to go to his rallies. He blew whatever slim chance he had to convince anyone to change their mind.

december - a quick google search revealed that 87% of canada is white, compared to 75% of the US.

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