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ok, it's russian, thanks leftyrok!

Firm style! Logotype! Let us create new name for the enterprise, the goods and/or the service! From 300 to u.e to... With further creation of brand! From to 2800 u.e into nedelyu/mesyats/kvartal/god/desyatiletiye/stoletiye)) (select themselves:)) Development of logotype, firm style - from 450 u.e. to... From the "free" (25 to u.e.) the mock-up of type vizitochki to 2500 u.e. for the development of firm leaflet, booklet, the brand - beech. Comics- sheet (drawing of pictures by hand on the paper) from 500 to u.e. We work with the different libraries of facsimiles, Corbis, Fotobank and by others. From 70 to u.e. - you ring on development and production of ideas! From 700 u.e. for the development of khedlayna! Ask complete Price in our consultants! Arrangement of advertisement in the press, on the radio and TV! External advertisement! Polygraphy, business- souvenirs!!! Its own putting! Organization and conducting advertising campaigns! YOU WILL RING US DIRECTLY NOW! Bodies: (095) 101-3527 If you please, do not send letters to the return address! If you do not desire to obtain advertising proposals on the electronic mail, you can remove your address from our data base, after sending to us the letter with your address to ukazanym in the theme of letter, with the address: Otkat2005@yahoo.com You can be assured that we in reality will remove your post address from our data base. Cleaning base is produced 20 days of each month.

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