i (i) wrote,

congratulations and thank you to gracegiver, who won the auction. also thank you to the two others who bid on it.

it may have sounded like i was trying to lay a guilt trip on you guys in my last couple of posts, and that's because i was. it's not about the bidding, i understand that people give elsewhere, or don't have money, or just plain don't like the image i'm auctioning, it's about the promotion. this costs nothing but a couple of minutes of your time and no money whatsoever. if everyone on my fl did it, and some of their friends did too, i would have thousands of potential bidders instead of a couple hundred. that's the only way this will work on a regular basis. i need your help, but just a little bit of it. the minimal effort will be noticed and appreciated. in that vein, thank you to dolphin_mama for posting about the auction in her journal.


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