i (i) wrote,

i love rain, really i do

in tucson, we don't have underground rain gutters in the streets, so when it rains 3/4 of an inch in less than an hour, as it did just now, the streets become rivers. the rain was so torrential that water came up over the sidewalk and was lapping at the front door of my favorite coffee shop. when i decided to leave, it had receded, but passing cars were still sending surf well up on to the sidewalk, and i had to wade through shin-deep water across to my truck. people are notoriously afraid of water in this town, usually slowing to a crawl at the slightest sign of a puddle in the road. my little truck has proved quite adept at passing them doing the speed limit in several inches of water. we both (my truck and i) enjoy it. tonight, however, we found our limit. a half a mile from my house, i breezed through my fourth flooded intersection and stalled. wonderful. i pushed it over to the side and put my flashers on to wait for it to dry out. i turned on my dome light and took out my book. every chapter, i would try to start it. no luck. the starter or distrbutor or both are soaked. after a few chapters, i decided to push it half a block to the top of the gentle slope leading to my house and let it roll home. just then it started pouring again. i read a couple of more chapters until it stopped, and then got out to push. about halfway up the rise, i got back in to rest, my heard thumping like a big bass drum. a knock came on the window. it was a guy who lived nearby coming to offer to push me. with his help, i got it to the top of the hill, thanked him, and got in to roll down to my house, hearing him cuss out the several lazy people who had been standing on their porch watching me as i inched away. i rolled smoothly down to within a half block of the house and then the road levelled out, bringing me to another stop. i pushed it a ways and then got in for another rest. in all this time, probably 30 suvs had passed me without a second glance. finally one of my neighbors in a beat up old ford pulled up and pushed me to my corner and in front of my house.

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