i (i) wrote,

when it rains it pours.

about a year and a half ago, i walked out on a job because of the field supervisor's incompetence. since then, i've been working part time for three tower companies for more money than i was making full time there. not a bad deal. this morning i got a call from my old boss (the field supervisor's superior) asking me to start doing the line testing for them again. i will of course expect more $ :) then, not three minutes later, i got a call from one of the three companies i've been working for offering me a job as a construction manager. this would be full time and make me as much money as i did before i was laid off from my operations management job in 2002. very tempting. i might take it, even though i would lose some freedom and flexibility for a while, it would allow me to save for my eventual early retirement. i'm going to talk to them both some more.

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