i (i) wrote,

for those who asked "what auction?", i have been running a monthly charity auction, usually a photograph, since the tsunami disaster.

thank you all for taking the poll.

my reason for asking was the low prices that both pieces went for this time. by the time i get the print and send it, i might as well just take that money and give it directly.

most months have been better, and i know i didn't have one last month, and i didn't promote this one much. also, a majority of my friends can't afford to participate. for this to succeed, i would need for it to expand beyond my wonderful friends list. i'm not sure this is possible. i can't expect you all to bid all the time (those who can afford it), and i certainly can't expect those who do to start a collection of my photographs.

i'm not sure what i'm going to do at this point. any suggestions are welcome. i'll let you all know when i decide.

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