i (i) wrote,

a few comments about new orleans

i've heard people bitching that we always go help other countries when they have disasters and they don't help us when we do.

hello. if a tree fell on bill gates house, would you rush over to help him fix his roof?


bush says he wants "zero tolerance" for looting.

hello. people are starving, thirsty, and dying for lack of medicine. sure, arrest people for stealing stereos, guns, and booze, but food? evidently, most of the people "looting" grocery stores (the food is going to be thrown away anyway, duh) have been distributing it to other people who are starving


those two pictures going around of the white people "finding" stuff and the black "looter". yes, they are illustrative of racist bias, but they are from completely different sources. for all we know, the one could have used "finding" in every instance, and the other "looting". the juxtaposition is deceptive and needlessly inflammatory.


this is a horrible tragedy, and there is lots of blame to go around, but i think this is not the time to talk about the 44% bush cut from flood control projects in louisiana to pay for his war, or the fact that new orleans had one of the most racially and economically polarized economies in the country and the people starving and dying or dead over there are mostly poor and black, or the fact that bush didn't do a damn thing for two days, or the fact that most of the national guard is over fighting his war instead of helping out in situations like this as they are supposed to.


oops, i guess i said all those things.

i'm going to auction off a painting starting monday to benefit the relief efforts. i'm painting it this weekend, and the bidding will start at $50.

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