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you are the piece of the puzzle i didn't know was missing

you are the answer to the prayer i didn't hear myself whisper

you bring the smile to my lips that i didn't notice was gone

who knows what the future holds for us, but meeting you has been a magical experience. when i first started reading your journal, you were working through difficulties in your life. little did you know that your posts were inspirational and eyeopening to me as well. you never failed to move my heart and engage my mind. when i go through the list of things i am looking for in a woman, one after another, you fit the bill. intelligent, spiritual but not religious, playful, kind, a lover of the outdoors, a traveller, a chess player (more important than you might think), political, a reader, a dog lover, adventurous, at home in the desert, i could go on and on. there are also the wonderful coincidences; we both lived in scotland at a young age, you have lived in arizona, and were already planning on returning. i want to explore the world with you. i want to return to scotland and experience it together. i want to share the secrets of the desert southwest that i have discovered. i want to learn from you. i want to know about your spiritual journey and your gaelic heritage. i want to sit quietly with you saying nothing at all. tha gaol agam ort. two weeks and counting!

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