i (i) wrote,

days 7-8 i think

from hue, we took a day-long train to nha trang, south of da nang. oh, wait, i forgot the afternoon ride on the back of a scooter in hue. fun, but much better in nha trang, where we rented our own for $3 a day (it was $7 to be driven around). nha trang is a beach town, with dive shops, cafes owned by englishmen, and way too many people propositioning me (all men). boom-boom? it was also the first time i was offered drugs. marijuana? no thank you, too dangerous. opium? no, thank you, even more dangerous. girl? are you nuts???!

anyway, it was a good time, i got my feet wet in the west side of the pacific, visited a beautiful temple and lit some incense, and relaxed. this morning we rode by bus up into the hills to da lat, an old resort town from colonial days. i wish i could have stopped the bus about 50 times to take pictures. the terraced fields were gorgeous. tomorrow we are taking another guided moto (scooter) tour with the famous easy riders (google easy riders and da lat). i should get some great photos for you all. then the day after, on to saigon (HCMC), phnom phen, and angkor.

hope you are all well!

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