i (i) wrote,

saigon 2

went to the cholon section today (chinatown), to have a stamp made with the approximation of my name in chinese characters. i'll use it to sign my photos from this trip. took a moto there, but walked back, a long way. saw the two mosques that are in saigon ( there are only a couple of dozen moslems here). one had been converted into a cafe. i had a ca fe den (black coffee) and took a few pics. the other i just photographed from the outside. there weren't good opportunities for really good photography today, although i did take a series of shots for a small animation of saigon traffic, and a couple of interesting black and whites tonight. cambodia in the morning.

there is a booming business painting copies of famous paintings in both hanoi and saigon. some of these guys are really good. they could easily do their own work, but it probably wouldn't be a living (don't i know it).

last night when we saw the gymnastics i posted about, there were also booths in the park selling high end souvenirs, including some exquisite ship models. i say high end, but, for example, an 18 inch very detailed sailing ship was $25. a perfectly rendered motorboat, with teak decks was $15. both would easily sell for ten times that in the states. made me dream of being in the import-export business.

see you in phnom phen!

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