i (i) wrote,

ok, i lied about not posting any more...

while angkor was impressive, inspirational, and beautiful, any potential for an experience of a more ethereal nature was shattered by the gauntlet of screaming saleswomen and girls at the approach to every temple. "hello, mister, you buy tshirt? want cold drink?" then the little girls, persistent, over and over, no matter how many times you say "no thank you". "hello, mister, where are you from?" (they know the capital to every country on earth, which gets them money). i took to saying i was from arizona. only one person said "oh, USA!" "mister, buy book? buy bracelet? buy postcards?" following, tugging at your sleeve and heart, always there. "please, mister, help me?" then, after you pass through the gates and head up the final path, there is the band of landmine victims playing traditional instruments and singing at every temple. again breaking my heart. if i came back, i would bring $20 a day just to give to these people. it sucked to be unable. i barely have money to get home at this point.

last night there was a couple at the restaurant, i think they were from spain. the ubiquitous young beggars came up to their table. a couple of times, the spanish tourist got up, went inside to his room, and came back with brand new shirts for a young mother and her baby, or two young boys. the expressions on their faces were absolutely beautiful.

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