i (i) wrote,

this is a weekend, so it's probably a poor time to post this, but...

if anyone would like to buy any of the images you have seen from my trip to southeast asia, or any other photography i post here, all are available. i charge $25 for a 8x12 unframed print, including postage. larger sizes are also available.

EDIT: the standard size where i've been doing my printing is 8x12. the aspect ratio of my camera is 3x4, so if i print that size, the image will actually be 8x10 2/3. printing on the 12x18 paper, will give you a 12x16 image. the prices for those two sizes will be $25 and $55 respectively. i will be offering 18x24 prints, but i'm not sure for how much yet. depends on where i get them.

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